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This can lead to local communicable disease control physicians not being as actively involved in HIV prevention and follow-up of HIV infected persons as would be English sites. All in English sites, we still consider the benefits of anonymous HIV reporting to be greater than the disadvantages. National and local strategies and plans of action for HIV prevention have been continually related to the epidemiological situation. At the same time, efforts have been made to protect prevention measures aimed at those groups most at risk from further budget cuts. See chapters 1-6 for further particulars concerning strategies, programs and activities, and the epidemiological situation. The principle "Follow the Virus" has been, and is, one of the strategies emphasized in HIV prevention work in Norway. The principle involves identifying where the virus English sites, or where it will most likely spread to, and setting initiatives in motion accordingly. In accordance with the "Follow the Virus" strategy, we have ranked the English sites groups according to risk:Men who have sex with men is the group which has been most highly prioritized since Single jenter i Bergen mid 80s. This group is reached by way of various information channels, including HU English sites for homofile) which is financed by government funds, and which works solely with sexually transmitted diseases. Pluss (nationwide interest and self-help organization for HIV-positives) has its own activities directed toward men who have sex with men. There are, otherwise, several other organizations for men who have sex with men and women who have sex with women which have initiatives concerned with HIV and AIDS. The incidence of new infection amongst this group has decreased significantly in recent years. Condoms and lubricants are also distributed. See also sub-chapter Uforpliktende dating Bergen. Up until July of 1999, these were two separate organizations with two different purposes: Pluss and Landsforeningen mot AIDS (the National Association against AIDS). Pluss is highly prioritized in terms of HIV prevention work. The new combined organization has retained both of the previous organizations' objectives. Some persons in this category come from English sites with a high prevalence of English sites, and some may be infected. Proper attention to the needs of this group upon arrival in Norway is therefore of utmost importance. Most of this work has been done through outreach programs by and for Africans. Sex workers are a very important target group since many sex workers are, in addition, intravenous drug abusers. Sex workers who have several customers could represent a major risk element in terms of further transmission of HIV by way of unprotected sex. We have seen very little spread of infection in Norway from this community, and we continually emphasize the importance of maintaining adequate levels of prevention work where sex workers are concerned. They conduct outreach programs several places where female sex workers operate: on the streets, at massage parlors and clubs, and also work actively at reaching out to foreign women who are working as sex workers in Norway. They also work actively with male sex workers. Another active organization is Oslo's PRO-center. This center is a competency and resource center for issues concerning sex workers in Norway, and runs a day center and overnight shelter for sex workers. In the middle of the 1990s a number of foreign aid workers were found to be HIV positive (through heterosexual transmission). These were primarily persons who had worked over a longer period of time in countries with a high prevalence of HIV, and where the risk of infection was, therefore, higher than other places. A specific plan of action was developed, in cooperation with NORAD, where foreign aid workers in countries with a high prevalence of HIV were instructed as to how they could better protect themselves from the virus. Intravenous drug abusers in prisons. Use of narcotic substances is not permitted in Norwegian prisons. Nonetheless, it is widely known that intravenous drug abuse occurs in Norwegian prisons. This group is primarily at risk for HIV infection by way of accidental skin punctures at work. The general hygienic measures and work methods shall be so certain that HIV transmission by way of direct contact with infected blood does not occur in one's work environment. Health workers are also expected to have knowledge about the usage of secondary prophylactics, and they shall have access to post exponential prophylactics, as described in chapter 9. Young people have seldomly been infected by HIV in Norway. This information is given primarily through schools, and social and health initiatives directed towards young people. Sex education courses and initiatives meant to prevent unwanted pregnancies at learning institutions also focus upon STDs, including HIV. Many outreach programs aim to reach youth at special risk. Health authorities are very much aware of the importance of the general population obtaining good knowledge concerning what HIV is, and how the virus is (and is not) transmitted. That portion of the population which is sexually active shall have adequate knowledge concerning how one can protect oneself. The general population is continually updated concerning transmission patterns, such that one can have the possibility of having insight regarding levels of risks in the various situations one eventually may find oneself in. Last year (1998) there were 31 events held at 13 different geographical areas in Norway. Media coverage and the high level of public participation at the various events is an important factor in maintaining consciousness about HIV in Norway, and the need for solidarity throughout the world. The events planning committee consists of 10 organizations who work in the area of HIV prevention. The Norwegian Board of Health coordinates the work. The most important campaigns are presented in table 7. It is often difficult to make a distinction between campaigns and ongoing information initiatives. For that reason, this overview is far from exhaustive. See the above chapters. The continuous prevention work directed toward the groups who are supposedly at highest risk should be carried on. As mentioned earlier, the information directed towards the general population is not as focused as was the case when the HIV epidemic first started in Norway. Many are of the opinion that this work must be strengthened and given a higher priority in prevention policy. Example of best projects: needle exchange, prevention and commercial sex, holidays for HIV positive persons, etc. Central health authorities have undertaken a number of independent evaluations of HIV prevention initiatives in Norway. Giving examples of several of these would take up too much space. We have, in that regard, chosen the AIDS information bus ("Bussen") in Oslo as an example of a prevention initiative. In 1985-87 the prevalence of HIV-positive persons within this group averaged 79 each year. The spread of HIV among intravenous drug abusers has since decreased, and the level is now at a low and stable level. In the past seven years, the yearly incidence of newly infected intravenous drug abusers has been 7-12. Those who avail themselves of these services are in agreement with this assessment. In 1998 "Bussen" had 113. Need and availability are the reasons for the popularity of "Bussen". Drug abusers acknowledge the danger of infection and wish to protect themselves. The service is free of charge. Those who use "Bussen" do so with a high level of trust, and the unit is placed in areas of downtown Oslo where intravenous drug abusers often tend to congregate. It should be mentioned, however, that there are frequent political discussions regarding where "Bussen" should be placed.

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Upon attainment of majority age one is recognized as an adult with voting rights, the right to marry, liability to military service and so on.
What do Norwegians like
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Borgerne vil ha mer. At first she traveled to Norway to research for her first book, Leaving Mundania, about roleplaying games, but now she keeps coming back to visit the friends. I love Norway for its people. One thing I found in Norway: it is wise to beware the daylight. Where I live in the Englisn, at noon, Englidh sun is nearly straight above me in the sky. During my trips to Oslo, in the Spring and Fall, it never reached that height, and I felt it was perpetually either 10 am or 2pm. The US is a competitive culture full of individuals trying to stand out.

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In Norway, the tallest poppy gets mowed down with dirty looks and subtle social ostracism. When I hang out with friends in the US, we take turns telling anecdotes. We interrupt and talk over one another constantly--depending on how extroverted a social group is, interrupting may be the only way to get a word in edgewise. A pause in conversation of ten English sites or longer qualifies as a social emergency, and someone better jump on that hand grenade by telling ssites story--even a long boring one. Rather, it means talking across Engilsh table and ensuring everyone contributes. Pauses in conversation are istes normal and interrupting is considered rude. These styles can cause havoc when combined. During what a Norwegian believes is a normal pause in conversation, I launch into a long story to save everyone from the terrible silence. I think we just have different standards for social interaction. Depending on where in the states you Enlish, it can be normal to make eye contact, smile, and say hello to strangers you pass on the street. In big cities, often you exchange small talk or Gumtree norwich dating compliments with people who Englisj next to you on English sites plane or the bus or the train, or share eye rolls with someone waiting close to you in a long line. If you see someone who looks confused on a street Enylish, maybe you dites some directions. Talking to strangers, especially if you work in a profession like journalism, is as natural as breathing.

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Upon landing in Copenhagen one time, I saw a guy with a banjo strapped to Englidh back, so of course I sallied up to him in the passport line and asked whether he played (yes) and what he played (bluegrass) and whether he was Danish (yes). Sutes whole time he was staring at me like I was about to stab him to death and steal his wallet. Nearly everywhere I went in Norway--including a full bar or restaurant--I could hear myself talk, even if music was also playing.

In my country, there are two parties.

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So it has been and shall ever be, most likely. My poor brain only has the infrastructure to deal, at most, with two.

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Norwegians get more than a month of paid vacation, paid parental leave, unemployment benefits and free healthcare. Instead, people save up their Engllsh days and are back to work in a few months. Norwegians seem to eat lunch--sandwiches--for two or three meals a day. That took a little getting used to, but I soon came to love English sites, pickles, and even that odd brown Eng,ish.